Your Health is Our Aim

Many Doctors Clinics say they offer a personal level of care to patients, but their size often means this is just something written by their marketing department. Size is important to us and we maintain a very low patient-doctor ratio.

Our aim with Health Med Clinic is to be your families’ doctor. A service that is a part of your family not only when you need help with illness, but one that is there to offer ongoing help and advice about remaining healthy and looking after your families health.

We offer same day appointments (subject to the time you call), this means you can be seen when you want to be. As we grow, we will maintain this service and ease of availability to out high-quality medical care and advice.

If you ask a mechanic whether they would prefer to work on broken cars of service working ones regularly, they will always opt for the servicing of working cars. Regular servicing keeps your car running more effectively, and it is the same with your health.

Our Practice Manager Louise and Dr Manuel


  • To provide the best possible Medical Care to our patients, promoting personalised health prevention.


  • Establish trusting relationships with patients and their families to enable us to provide best possible care
  • Focus on promoting healthy lifestyle is the best ways to prevent illnesses
  • Prevention before medication

You could try an apple a day, but we know about health and know the apple will help, but there is more to know and learn, we want to help your family be well. We are passionate about health and keeping your family well and healthy.

Please call us today on 07 974 9098 to find out about registering as a patient.

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