Healthy Workplaces

Helping you to work better

We offer a number of services to employers and employees in the area of Work Based Medicine throughout Hamilton. As well as medical services we can offer advice about workplace health and ergonomic and environmental issues.

Pre-Employment / Random Drug Tests

We can offer a full drug screening service to test your staff before you employ them and on a random basis. The people to be tested do not need to be our Patients to allow you to use this service. Please call us for a discrete discussion.

Back To Work Advice

If you have an employee who through sickness or accident has spent time away from the workplace, we can work with them and you to help them get back to work effectively and without the risk of a relapse. Every case is different, but if you would like to discuss your needs, please call or email us for an initial appointment and advice.

Employer Subsidised Schemes

Many of our patients also run businesses and understand the need for a healthy workforce and for that workforce to have ready access to medical care. We offer a scheme where employers can offer subsidised visits to employees and their families to our clinic. The employer has a workforce who can get to see a doctor quickly, and the employees get a benefit that they can use for their whole family. The cost to the employer is quite low as most people are healthy most of the time, but the benefit to the employee is that shows that they have an employer who cares about their health, which creates a positive environment.

Employment Medicals

There are many reasons why you would need an employment medical, it may be that you need to ensure someone is physically fit enough to conduct the work they have applied to do, or it may be a requirement of your medical insurance. For whatever reason we can provide these services, again the person doesn’t need to be a registered patient for you to use us for these services.

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